Fokus auf Beratung -
Mit dem Ziel für
  nachhaltiges WACHSTUM.

Strategie als Startpunkt der Veränderung

Sie suchen nach neuen Wachstumsfeldern? Sie planen einen neuen digitalen Geschäftsbereich? Sie wissen nicht warum ihr Unternehmen online so wächst wie es wächst? 

Fragen über Fragen als Grundlage unserer Beratung im Umfeld der Digitalisierung. Dabei dient exakt diese Digitalisierung heute auch als Katalysator. Sie verändert viel, wenn nicht alles – angefangen vom Alltagsleben bis hin zu den detaillierten Prozessen in Unternehmen. Sie eröffnet uns neue Wachstumsmärkte und Potenziale


Allerdings ist dieser Wandel nicht immer „barrierefrei“ – neue Kundenansprüche rufen in immer kürzeren Zyklen nach neuartigen Geschäftsmodellen und der Wettbewerb bleibt natürlich nicht stehen. Auch Mitarbeiter ändern sich und mit ihnen ihre Ansprüche an Arbeitgeber, Arbeitsumfeld, Arbeitszeitmodelle und Führungkultur.

Nachhaltiges Wachstum als Ergebnis

Genau an dieser Stelle ist unser Ansatzpunkt. Konkret beraten wir Unternehmen zu spezifischen Fragenstellungen von Wachstum und Veränderung. Wir sind Ihr ganzheitlicher Inkubator für organisches Wachstum in der digitalisierten Welt. ​​

Strategie ist dabei für uns zu 50% Umsetzung. In keinem unserer Projekte war nur die Strategie der Schlüssel zum nachhaltigen Erfolg. Viel mehr ist zu 90% der Mensch, also Ihr "Umsetzer", der zündende Erfolgsfaktor.


Psychologie & Coaching


E-commerce & Online Marketplaces

We answer with you the important question about the right online channel: only website or rather marketplaces? As a manufacturer or retailer? We develop participative, the best strategy for your company to grow steadily in the e-commerce business. And not only on the German market but globally!

Digitization Business Models

If you don't move with the times, you move with the times. We always take this to heart and help our customers to further develop existing business models for the digital world. Whether it's digital platforms, new technologies or new sales channels. We see growth through change as our core competence.

Scaling & Growth Models

Scaling is the essence of a successful business of the future. Vast amounts of data, impulses and customer contacts. Anyone who thinks in terms of 1:1 is very likely to miss relevant target groups. We provide impulses, expand horizons and help you achieve healthy growth with the help of scalable processes, tools and models.

Liquidity and financing

We are happy to support you in your crisis management in the form of the preparation of an action and liquidity plan, as well as in the calculation of your capital requirements. In addition, we can inform you about the various financing options and emergency aid offers.

Consulting for Corona affected companies (100% state funded).

Until the end of the year, Corona-affected small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) including freelancers can be subsidized without own contribution up to a consulting value of 4,000€. We are one of the BAFA certified business consultancies and are therefore authorized to offer you this subsidized consulting. With pleasure we support you with questions to:
- new sources of income & growth opportunities
- Financing possibilities & emergency aid programs
- Corona-related adjustments to your business planning
- Strategic decisions regarding your business model
- Calculation of your capital requirements and preparation of a liquidity plan
- Personal crisis management
The application process is straightforward and you do not have to make any advance payments. Read the most important facts about the application here. We will be happy to support you in this process as well.

Young Venture Sparring

Due to our proximity to one of the most successful incubators (WAYRA, O2 Telefonica), we are in daily contact with the most exciting start-ups in the German-speaking region. We help you to make the planned "field hockey sticks" a reality through targeted business coaching. In doing so, we are represented in all young industries and technologies: e.g. artificial intelligence, IoT or novel "wearable" solutions.

HR & Human Resources

For us, personnel are at the heart of a company, especially when it comes to ambitious growth targets. Our focus is always on the employees who are committed to this. We have already successfully implemented numerous HR strategies. For example
HR development for and with the younger generations or the establishment and implementation of cross-functional and internationally scalable management development programs. In addition to classical classroom teaching, we also rely on e-learning and blended learning.

Competitive strategy

Well-founded market analyses and what is currently happening in the competition form our comfort zone.
When it comes to well-founded analyses of the market and what is happening in the competition, we are clearly in our comfort zone. Clear, structured SWOTs with meaningful results and actionable recommendations are a matter of course for us. In doing so, we have a broad industry knowledge, covering retail, food, FMCG, automotive, trade and many more.

Start-up consulting (state-subsidized)

Certified by BAFA, we help young entrepreneurs take their first steps in the exciting world of self-employment. We support founders in the creation of business plans, to clarify and apply for funding needs, to form teams and to develop marketing & sales strategies and implement them successfully.

Market entry strategy

Do you have a new product? Or do you want to enter a new geographic market?
We have already accompanied numerous market entries and therefore know exactly how to work out the appropriate answers to important questions together with you. Everything is tailored to you and in no case standardized. Standard does not offer a competitive advantage in most cases, especially not in digital markets.