Warum Business Training als Teil der Beratung?


Es ist unser Anspruch, Wissen nicht nur in die jeweiligen Unternehmen zu tragen, sondern dieses Wissen auch nachhaltig, auf individueller Ebene zu verankern. Wir glauben daran, dass das Wachstum eines Unternehmens, stark mit der persönlichen Entwicklung dessen Individuen zusammenhängt. Aus diesem Grund fokussieren wir uns auf beide Aspekte und lassen die  Bereiche simultan und situationsabhängig einfließen.​​​

In der Akademie konzentrieren wir uns in erster Linie auf Soft-Skill Themen wie Führung, Kommunikation oder Persönlichkeit. Trainings- und Workshopmaßnahmen nutzen wir als wirksames Instrument für eine strategische Personalentwicklung. Damit bieten wir eine Möglichkeit zur ganzheitlichen und organisationsweiten Wissenvermittlung, sowie zum Aufbau und zur Verfeinerung von Fertigkeiten. ​ ​

Maßgeschneiderte Weiterbildung für Ihr Unternehmen!


Unsere Trainingsformate zeichnen sich durch IndividualitätNachhaltigkeit und Kreativität aus. Wir stellen sicher,  dass die Anwendung des Gelernten und die Motivation zur Umsetzung auch nach dem Training gewährleistet sind .Neben Präsenzveranstaltungen, bieten wir ebenso Blended-Learning Formate und High-end Videotrainings an. ​​Außerdem halten wir alle Trainings auf Wunsch auch gerne in Englisch. Wir beraten Sie gerne und entwickeln mit Ihnen gemeinsam ein passgenaues Format für Ihr Unternehmen. 

Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte
Führung & Wachstum

Leadership Intensive®

With the CONUFACTUR Leadership Intensive we offer a unique and immersive development format for leaders. Under the motto "Lead your organization - Lead your team - Lead yourself" we train participants in a 3-day intensive program to become so-called "Growth Hacking Experts". Learn more here.

Digital Leadership

The "Digital Leadership" training module is dedicated to the acquisition of digital leadership skills. Participants expand their knowledge in the area of digital methods & tools and feel confident in taking responsibility in the digital transformation process. In order to initiate digital cultural change, we address digital methods & tools (e.g. Lean Start Up or Rapid Prototyping) as well as digital mindset issues (e.g. Personal Pivoting and Value Centricity). Here, too, participants apply the knowledge they have acquired in a comprehensive case study and practice digital leadership.

Strategy & Logic

In the Strategy and Logic training, we focus on developing stringent problem-solving skills and impart knowledge on structured strategy development. From hypothesis-driven work to MECE, BCG matrix or the RACI method, our participants learn the consultant 1x1 of strategy tools and techniques. Packed in a comprehensive case study, the methods are applied and strategy development is practiced in a safe framework.

Leading for engagement

In the training module "Leading for engagement", we create the conditions for an engagement-oriented leadership culture. Managers learn to motivate themselves and their employees instinctively and to prevent demotivation. For this purpose, we use insights from motivation research, psychology and neuroscience and reflect on individual leadership styles and talent management strategies. Our Leading for engagement training is highly self-reflective. We deal with our own values, drivers and beliefs. We then discuss leadership tools and motivational tricks and bring them in line with the individual & situational circumstances of the leaders . The end result is empowerment and a tailor-made leadership strategy.

Trust-centric Leadership®

In the Trust-Centric Leadership model (TCL) we developed, trust forms the core value of any leadership culture. The model combines 6 key elements that are directly interdependent: Trust, Engagement, Productivity, Profitability, Belonging & Talent. Based on our leadership approach, we have developed a high-end video training that teaches the Leadership Essentials to TCL in short video sequences. We are so convinced of our approach that we have founded our own company for it. Visit us at and get more detailed information about our offer. You can also get started right away by streaming our training on Amazon Prime.

Kommunikation & Kultur

Communication & Conflict Management

n our training courses in the area of communication and conflict management, participants expand their conversation skills and reflect on their personal communication patterns. By raising awareness and applying what they have learned, team cohesion and respectful interaction are promoted. With the addition of conflict management, we also develop conflict management strategies and the participants learn how to deal with difficult discussion situations. Depending on the client's requirements, conflict moderation techniques can also be learned here. Content, methodology & complexity of our communication trainings are individually adapted to the needs of each client. From Basic to Advanced we cover all exerptise levels.

Charisma & Appearance

Successful personalities are characterized by a wide variety of traits - but they are all the same in one respect: they have charisma! In the training, participants discover their individual, charismatic personality traits and learn to further develop them. Through the intensive examination of their own values and motives, the participants subsequently succeed in acting in a credible, value-oriented and successful manner. Their own self-image is also supplemented with the perspective of others and their charismatic appearance is professionalized through the targeted use of voice and body language.

Innovators tell stories - Storytelling Basics

"Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic. They are ideally set up to understand stories." - Roger C. Shank The participants of our storytelling seminar learn how to inspire their audience with compelling stories and thus pave the way for change, innovation and commitment. To this end, we cover all the essential basics of storytelling, from topic identification to structure and dramaturgy. Participants learn how to package facts and emotions into compelling stories and how to use them in a context-related and target-oriented way.

Change management based on neuroscience

In our change management training, we examine change and its effects from a neuro- and behavioral-psychological perspective. Participants understand psychological processes that in most cases result in resistance among those affected and learn how to circumvent this through targeted communication strategies. Based on the psychological knowledge, those responsible learn the core elements of successful change communication and gain an understanding of what needs to be considered in practical implementation.

Escape Game Training & Augmented Reality Case Race

In cooperation with MYSTERY ROOMS Munich, we have brought a specialist in gamification and game development into our team. We regularly enrich our trainings with Escape Games or Augmented Reality Case Races. Whether in the area of leadership development, team building or as a single training module in the area of communication & conflict, the application scenarios are versatile and, above all, flexibly adaptable according to customer requirements. Read our impulse article to find out how we specifically use Escape Games as a training method. Escape Game
Anyone who has already played an Escape Game will confirm that this is probably one of the most exciting and spectacular game experiences for adults. In a team, under time pressure, complex puzzles have to be solved together. This only works with clear communication and role allocation. Supported by spectacular props, the participants are immersed in another world within a few minutes and show their natural communication and role behavior. Coupled with a guided reflection, we make the theoretical content from the communication training tangible and guarantee not only fun but also a positive effect on group cohesion.  Escape Games bieten wir sowohl als mobile Version (bspw. im Rahmen eines klassischen Trainings beim Kunden vor Ort), als auch als Einzelevent in den Räumlichkeiten von MYSTERY ROOM München an. Augmented Reality Case Race Das von uns getaufte AR Case Race beschreibt sich am anschaulichsten als interaktive, tablet-basierte Schnitzeljagd. Im Team lösen die Teilnehmenden eine praxisrelevante Case Study passend zum Trainingsthema. Die hierfür notwendigen Daten und Hinweise sind virtuell versteckt und werden mit Hilfe eines einfachen Scann-Prozesses am Tablet in die reale Welt projiziert. Spaß ist hier ebenso garantiert, wie ein Wow-Effekt.

Persönliches Skill Set

Success factor EQ - Emotional intelligence as a career springboard

Still between 50-70% of all change projects fail. The main cause is known to be emotional resistance on the part of those involved. With the help of emotional intelligence, these challenges can be mastered. Furthermore, EI has been proven to be responsible for 1/3 to 2/3 of individual performance and is therefore rightly one of the most demanded soft skills. In our training, participants learn the theory & application of the four EI internal competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Work less, achieve more - focus techniques & productivity tools

According to a Microsoft study (2015), the attention span of an average person is less than 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. This number will continue to decrease with increasing digital networking, unless we take targeted countermeasures. In our self-management training, participants learn prioritization and focus techniques that are essential for concentrated and productive work. In addition, tips and tricks for sensible time management are presented, based on scientific findings. Participants will also learn about the myth of multitasking and become familiar with tools and apps to increase productivity.

How to manage your boss

In the "How to manage your boss" training, we develop effective strategies for developing a fruitful working relationship with the supervisor. In doing so, we understand the strengths, development potentials, goals, work styles and needs of ourselves and our superiors. We look at communication in difficult conversational situations and develop communication skills that focus particularly on persuasiveness and repartee.

Solving problems in the fast lane

The (business) world is always talking about problems - frustrating, isn't it? Not always, especially if you get the right tools to solve some of them!
The training "Solving problems in the fast lane" is an all-purpose weapon for every manager/entrepreneur. It provides multi-use tools, methods and approaches to solve relevant business problems using logic & structure. It teaches ways to successfully answer specific questions such as "What structure should my analysis have?", "How do I approach my strategy in market X?". As a result, you will master a variety of efficient ways to manifest stringent logic into successful structures!

Resilience & Mindfulness

"Basically, it's about being awake, being awake to life - in every moment." - Fernand Braun Only those who are mindful of themselves can learn to allow themselves to rest at the right moment, to hand over responsibility or to withstand pressure to perform. Our resilience & mindfulness trainings help participants to correctly interpret their moods and transform negative emotions into helpful energy. We actively work to increase participants' resilience and teach techniques for mindful self-management.


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