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With the help of psychological methods we fathom and solve together e.g. blockades of change, irrational conflicts or dysfunctional structures and support you in the creation of a healthy, sustainable and innovative corporate and leadership culture.

Coaching is a Trend - YES, without question!
​​AND it is a powerful tool to understand, establish and develop teams and their members in accordance with the perception of the company, of the executives and the individuals. Coaching helps to understand emotions as a power for change and not to fight against it. 


C​oaching for the whole company

Especially in the age of VUCA, it can make sense to have entire management levels or teams undergo a coaching program that pursues a unified goal, that is aligned with your business.

We are set up for this and can work on this within the framework of individual coaching and team workshops with your employees. We rely on a uniform methodology and make sure, that every person in your house finds the right approach and the right coach with us. 

Business coach and psychological consultant often have the same tasks:

  • Tool, to release encrusted lines of thought and build new ones

  • Catalyst for ideas and means of change

  • Honest and clear sparring partners in order to create new perspectives

  • Drivers of change and modernization

  • Designers for value-free thinking spaces



Leadership Coaching

In our executive coaching, you benefit from the neutral perspective of our experienced coaches. You will receive open, appreciative and development-oriented feedback within a protected framework.

Together with you, we develop an authentic leadership concept that corresponds to your personality and helps you to expand and sharpen your leadership competencies and skills. In addition, we reflect together on your leadership behaviour and strengthen your position.

Our coaching methods are based on systemic assumptions and are therefore characterized by a strong solution orientation and holistic approach.

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching supports you in your personality development and encourages you to find your career path and to walk it safely. You will break old patterns and replace them with new possibilities. You are going to focus on your changes in a focused, purposeful and swift manner, thereby preventing continuous overload situations and achieving more success and satisfaction.

With our personal coaching we support you in your personal growth process. We support you in the perception of your potentials and needs and in the integration of both dimensions in your professional life. Work with us to develop your self-control skills and experience self-efficacy.

Career Coaching

In our Career Coaching, we offer you competence-oriented career guidance with regard to strategic career planning.

Together we reflect your inner motivators and beliefs. We help you to strengthen your self-perception and self-control skills and get to the bottom of your career motivation.If required, we will gladly prepare you for an upcoming interview or assessment center or optimize your application documents together with you.

Benefit from new perspectives and come strategically closer to your career aspirations.

Intuition Coaching

Define your functioning inner compass!

You train to hear the voice of your intuition, to develop the perfect sense of timing, to use your mind and your heart equally and first of all to activate your full potential. In other words: To bring your mind and intuition into symbiosis.

Those who consciously work on and with their intuition become successful for themselves and their company.

ActingOut ®

A way to actively, scenically work with individuals and groups.

ActingOuts can be carried out individually and in a group-setting. Participants are enabled to present their inner reality, which is often difficult to put into words, in the outer world. In this way conflicts and resistances can be worked through in a sybolised and playful way so that they do not burden your daily work routine any further. Even with difficult decisions, creative blockades or major challenges, ActingOuts open up new perspectives and allow access to unused resources.

With an ActingOut you can expect rich insights and a change of perspectives that will surprise you.

SubCon Session ®

The exploratory group

The focus of the session is a reflexive analysis of the work as a leader and / or team member. This setting is expected to be significantly different from your previous group experiences. The psychologically accompanied roundtable allows you to take alternative perspectives and collectively identify and develop work-related, success-critical topics. A SubCon Session fosters and supports psychologically effective leadership and teamwork.

Take part in a group experience that you have never experienced before.

Dyadic Session ®

The psychodynamic interview

A dyadic session is a one-on-one session which allows the client to use the psychologist to explore topics related to his or her work in all its aspects. The psychologist is not a coach or counselor. Rather, he accompanies the internal dialogue of the client and helps him or her to find the inherent, authentic way.

The "deep" communication style of the Dyadic Session allows the client to use his or her undiscovered resources, to develop their own, individual solutions.

Organziational Growth Score ®

With the Organizational Growth Score (short: OGS) we have developed a valid and simple questionnaire tool that identifies and presents growth brakes and change blockages in organizations. Find out more here.