Eine neue Strategie verändert in einem Unternehmen nichts,

wenn sie keiner umsetzt

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Growth through decentralization
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2800 Employees

Initial situation

  • Stable company with low growth

  • Hardly used potential in the area of e-commerce


  • Target: 4-fold increase in sales within 5 years

Conufactur Solution

  • Design and implementation of a global marketplace strategy

  • Optimization of the corporate culture

Realized by 

Strategy consulting

Coaching Institut

Project schedule 

  • The turnover of online trade was increased by decentralizing online trade. Conufactur converted the structure of online trade from a worldwide system to several regional systems. 

  • The division into individual, independent regional systems made it easier to organize and defined areas of responsibility more clearly. 

  • Through clusters, the successes of the individual regions can be better tracked and potentials identified more quickly. Profitable regions receive more effective support.

  • The acquisition of regional partners increased the turnover of our customer in all areas.

  • Logistics, shipping and payment were outsourced to regional partners.


  • The measures of the new e-commerce strategy visibly simplified the process. The result was a faster shipment of goods and a significant reduction in costs. 

Verschiedenen Regionen des Vertriebs
  • The corporate culture was problematic for the implementation of the new strategy. Middle and upper management could hardly identify with the new strategy. The importance of the interplay between strategy and culture can be seen in the growth hacking formula. 

  • The division into regional groups and the outsourcing of various steps meant new tasks for many managers, but also a reduction in their area of responsibility. 

  • As a result, managers had less decision-making power in the company. In the course of 1:1 coaching interviews, CONUFACTUR often identified fear of change, loss of control and mistakes among the executives. 

  • Dyadic sessions were conducted with 24 of 29 managers to counteract the management's fears.

  • Dyadic sessions are psychologically based one-on-one conversations in which, above all, change blockades and irrational conflicts are resolved.


  • The next step was to conduct Subcon sessions in the management teams. The group discussions laid the foundation for the development of a healthy and sustainable leadership culture without fear of change. This psychologically accompanied roundtable enabled alternative perspectives to be adopted and work-related, success-critical issues to be jointly identified and addressed.

Gespräch zwischen Conufactur und Mitarbeitern
Berechnung der Kultur
Project shedule


After the participatory development of the strategy and with the support of coaching sessions, our client achieved the annual goals of increasing sales after only a few months. 

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