Organizational Growth Score®

In 5 steps to sustainable change


With the Organizational Growth Score (short: OGS) we have developed a valid and simple questionnaire tool that identifies and presents growth brakes and change blockages in organizations. 







The OGS measures four central factors of corporate culture: trust & appreciation, willingness to change, psychological safety and employee retention.


The results of the OGS form the basis for the subsequent individual and team discussions across divisions and hierarchies. They allow a deeper understanding of the situation.


The collected findings, together with the results of the OGS, will be presented to all stakeholders.


Objectives & concrete measures for the development of an innovative and secure corporate culture are worked out in a participatory manner with the team leaders and the management.


A mix of psychodynamic team- and single sessions / Dyadic- & Subcon sessions, as well as Acting Outs. Final follow-up by the OGS and regular check-in calls.

Your benefits
  • Pin down four key dimensions that are essential for successful change and sustainable growth.

  • Get a measurable insight into the changeability and culture of your team or organization.

  • Avoid undermining your strategic efforts through corporate culture.

  • Identify and eliminate potential growth brakes and change blocks.

  • Use and accelerate existing growth drivers and strengths in your team or organization.

  • Find out what your team needs to master upcoming challenges.

  • Successfully manage change projects by better understanding team and organizational dynamics.​

OGS Anwendungsfelder


  • Understand your corporate culture

  • Receive insights in the needs of your team

  Change Management

  • Enable sustainable change

  • Monitor the critical change processes

  Organizational development

  • Recognize psychological stress factors

  • Foster healthy growth mechanisms 

  Team Development 

  • Optimize team dynamics

  • Select appropriate team development actions

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