Your benefits
  • Pin down four key dimensions that are essential for successful change and sustainable growth.

  • Get a measurable insight into the changeability and culture of your team or organization.

  • Avoid undermining your strategic efforts through corporate culture.

  • Identify and eliminate potential growth brakes and change blocks.

  • Use and accelerate existing growth drivers and strengths in your team or organization.

  • Find out what your team needs to master upcoming challenges.

  • Successfully manage change projects by better understanding team and organizational dynamics.​

Measure the
Get access to our OGS* questionnaire and find out in a few minutes whether your organization is fit for growth and change. 
*Organizational Growth Score
OGS Basics 

With the OGS you measure four central prerequisites for successful and sustainable change capability. In addition, you gain an insight into your corporate culture.

The more team and organisation members complete the questionnaire, the more valid the results will be.  

With the evaluation of the questionnaire you will receive a short report as well as a non-binding follow-up discussion. 


Learn more about our scales: ​

OGS fields of application


  • Understand your corporate culture

  • Receive insights in the needs of your team

  Change Management

  • Enable sustainable change

  • Monitor the critical change processes

  Organizational development

  • Recognize psychological stress factors

  • Foster healthy growth mechanisms 

  Team development

  • Optimize team dynamics

  • Select appropriate team development actions