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Why Business Training as Part of Consulting?


It is our claim not only to transfer knowledge to the respective companies, but also to anchor this knowledge sustainably on an individual level. We believe that the growth of a company is strongly linked to the personal development of its individuals. For this reason, we focus on both aspects and let the areas flow in simultaneously and depending on the situation.

At the Academy we focus primarily on soft skill topics such as leadership, communication or personality. We use training and workshop measures as an effective instrument for strategic personnel development. Thus we offer an opportunity for the holistic and organization-wide transfer of knowledge, as well as for the development and refinement of skills.  

Tailor-made further training for your company!


Our training formats are characterised by their individuality, sustainability and creativity. We ensure that the application of what has been learnt and the motivation to implement are guaranteed even after the training. In addition to classroom courses, we also offer blended learning formats and high-end video training. In addition, we are happy to hold all training courses in English on request. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a tailor-made format for your company. 

Content Emphases
Leadership & Growth

How long should my service take?

Typical turnaround time work for all jobs is 10-12 business days after clubs arrive at my shop

What if the parts I want are out of stock?

We will do our best to keep out website updated with ONLY parts that are in stock. If we see an order with a part on it that is out of stock, we will quickly notify the customer and a decision will be made then.

Communication & Culture

Communication & Conflict Management

In our communication and conflict management training, participants will learn the basics of solution-oriented conversation management and develop communication and cultural rules together. By sensitizing and applying what has been learned, misunderstandings and resulting conflicts can be avoided in the future. In addition, team cohesion and appreciative interaction with one another are encouraged.

Charisma & Appearance

Successful personalities are characterised by a wide variety of characteristics - but in one respect they are all the same: they possess charisma!

In the training, the participants discover their individual, charismatic personality traits and learn to develop them further. Through the intensive examination of their own values and motives, the participants then succeed in acting credibly, value-oriented and successfully.

The own self-image is supplemented besides with the perspective of others and the charismatic occurrence is professionalized by the purposeful employment of voice & body language.

Innovators tell stories - Storytelling Basics

"Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic. They are ideally set up to understand stories." - Roger C. Shank

The participants of our Storytelling Seminar learn to inspire their listeners with thrilling stories and thus pave the way for change, innovation and commitment. To this end, we will deal with all the essential basics of storytelling, from the identification of topics to the structure and dramaturgy.

The participants learn to pack facts and emotions into stirring stories and to use them in a context-related, target-oriented way.

Change Management on the basis of neuroscience

In our Change Management Training we examine the change and its effects from a neuro- and behavioural psychological point of view. Participants understand psychological processes, which in most cases result in resistance and learn to circumvent them through targeted communication strategies. Based on the psychological knowledge, those responsible learn the core elements of successful change communication and gain an understanding of what needs to be considered in practical implementation.

Escape Game Training & Augmented Reality Case Race

In cooperation with MYSTERY ROOMS Munich, we have brought a specialist in gamification and game development into our team. We regularly enrich our training with Escape Games or Augmented Reality Case Races. Whether in the area of management development, team building or as a single training module in the area of communication & conflict, the scenarios are versatile and above all can be flexibly adapted to the customer's wishes. Read our impulse article to find out how we use Escape Games specifically as a training method. Escape Game
Anyone who has played an Escape Game will confirm that this is one of the most exciting and spectacular gaming experiences for adults. Under time pressure, complex puzzles have to be solved together in a team. This only works with a clear communication and role allocation. Supported by spectacular props, the participants dive into another world within minutes and show their natural communication and role behaviour. Coupled with guided reflection, we make the theoretical contents of the communication training tangible and guarantee not only fun and games but also a positive effect on group cohesion. We offer Escape Games both as a mobile version (e.g. as part of a classic training at the customer's premises) and as an individual event on the premises of MYSTERY ROOM Munich. Augmented Reality Case Race
The AR Case Race, as we call it, is best described as an interactive, tablet-based scavenger hunt. In a team, the participants solve a practical case study matching the training topic. The necessary data and clues are virtually hidden and are projected into the real world using a simple scanning process on the tablet. Fun is guaranteed, as well as a wow-effect.

Personal Skill Set

Success factor EQ - Emotional Intelligence as a career springboard

Between 50-70% of all change projects still fail. The main cause is known to be the emotional resilience of those involved. These challenges can be mastered with the help of emotional intelligence. In addition, EI has been proven to be responsible for 1/3 to 2/3 of individual performance and is thus rightly one of the most demanded soft skills. In our training the participants learn the theory & the application of the four EI-internal competencies: self-perception, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Work less, achieve more - Focus techniques & productivity tools

According to a Microsoft study (2015), the attention span of an average person is less than 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. The number continues to decline as digital networking increases, unless we take targeted action to counteract this.

In our self-management training, participants learn prioritization and focus techniques that are essential for concentrated and productive work. In addition, tips and tricks for meaningful time management based on scientific findings are presented.

Participants will also experience the myth of multitasking and become familiar with productivity tools and apps.

How to manage your boss

In the training "How to manage your boss" we develop effective strategies for the development of a fruitful working relationship with your superior. We understand the strengths, development potential, goals, working styles and needs of ourselves and our superiors.

We deal with communication in difficult conversational situations and develop communication skills that are particularly aimed at persuasiveness and quick-wittedness.

Solving problems in the fast lane

The (business) world speaks only of problems - frustrating or not? Not always, especially if you get the right tool to solve some of them!

The training "Solving problems in the fast lane" is an all-purpose weapon for every manager/entrepreneur. It offers multi-purpose tools, methods and approaches for solving relevant business problems using logic & structure. It provides ways to successfully answer concrete questions like "What structure should my analysis have?", "How do I approach my strategy in market X? As a result, you master a multitude of efficient ways to manifest a stringent logic in successful structures!

Resilience & Mindfulness

"Basically, it's about being awake, being awake for life at every moment." - Fernand Brown

Only those who are mindful of themselves can learn to allow themselves to rest at the right moment, to give up responsibility or to withstand pressure to perform. Our Resilience & Mindfulness trainings help participants to correctly interpret their mood and transform negative emotions into helpful energy. We work actively to increase the resistance of the participants and teach techniques for an attentive handling of one's own person.